AI-powered Companion
for Slack Celebrations

Easily automate celebrations for your team. JoeyBot never forgets special dates, sends virtual cards, and makes everyone join in on the fun - in the office or remotely.

Who is Joey?

Joey is the friendliest celebrations bot for Slack
and a great co-worker.

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Add Joey to your Slack channel and he will notify everybody in that channel to join in and spread the cheer.


Can’t think of anything better to say than “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”? Let Joey create heartfelt, personalized messages and fun virtual cards using AI.


Joey automatically keeps track 
of all your team’s special events, even on weekends or when the HR team is away.


Joey is really easy to configure and customize. You can bulk update the employee list, replace individual GIFs, and mute congratulations for specific events.

What can Joey do?

Joey covers everything you need for a happy team,
from anniversary celebrations to employee recognition. 

It’s the all-in-one employee experience solution.

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Keep track of teammates’ birthdays and make their day with a warm message and fun GIF.


Celebrate another year of working with an awesome colleague and make them feel appreciated.

Custom events

Create custom recurring or one-time events so you don’t miss out on important team occasions.


Show your gratitude to team members and recognize their achievements and contributions.

Why use Joey as your HR sidekick?

Happy HRs

Bring remote teams closer

Move the office party online with JoeyBot. Celebrate 
as a remote team, anytime, anywhere, and make sure 
no one is left out.

Create memorable experiences

Wishing someone well might seem like a small thing. 
But it’s the small things that create great employee experiences.

Boost engagement and retention

Teams who celebrate together, stay together. JoeyBot makes it easier to connect, feel valued, and create a sense of belonging.

Automate HR celebration tasks

Never worry about forgetting an anniversary or writing 
a festive message again. JoeyBot does it all for you, even as you’re caught up with other HR work.

How much does JoeyBot cost?

Are you a one-man show or part of a huge team? Use the pricing calculator to get a quick cost overview and simplify your budgeting.

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